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'Car' completes the definitive road test for the XJ220 - 'the best of the supercar monsters' from the 1980s / early 1990s

'Car' witnesses the record breaking speed run at Nardo with Martin Brundle at the wheel


Win Percy shares his thoughts on the XJ220C ahead of its Le Mans debut in the GT class.

Autosport interviews David Coulthard straight after his Le Mans 1993 GT win in XJ220 #50

The only full road test data on an XJ220, "taking you closer to the white hot core of pure driving enjoyment than any supercar this magazine has come across."

Autocar coverage of Jaguar's XJ220 win at Le Mans and the controversy around its subsequent disqualification.

Ferrari World pitch an XJ220 against an F40, nicely balanced view on the 2 cars


Classic and Sportscar review of the XJ220, 'closer than any other car' to the McLaren F1.


Classic and Sportscar pitch F40, EB110 and XJ220 in 200mph supertest

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